The business plan for 2020 is based on the situation in Sri Lanka and the relationship between Japan and Japan.


   1. Regarding the environment in which the “preliminary survey*” cannot be implemented in the recent situation

   The “preliminary survey*” that was planned to be conducted prior to application due to the spread of the new coronavirus infection had to be postponed, and there is concern about how long this situation will last.

   *A survey that includes various terms and conditions for obtaining the agreement between the two countries, which is the basis for drafting the “qualification examination documents” and “business proposal” and “plan” that are the documents to be submitted when applying.

​   -Role sharing of the counterparts in this project

   ・Background and necessity of this project (conditions of people in the target area, problems faced by people, etc.)

   ・Acceptance of visitor ・Adjustment of action schedule

   "Preliminary survey*" is planned to be conducted between October 2020 and March 2021, but will be reviewed.

   2. About "Business Plan" in 2020

   Based on the above 1., there is a high possibility that the issues and schedule of the next business will be reconsidered.


   1) Proposing organization name (applicant): Japan Sri Lanka Gas Association

   ・Inspection/training business of Japanese companies (plan) for managers/managers involved in the gas industry

       <Apply for the 2nd 2020 grass-roots technical cooperation project (grass-roots cooperation support type)>

    2) Proposed corporation name (applicant): Joint venture (private company)

 NPO (JSGA) staff supports as a sub-consultant (external personnel)

    · Project development support project (draft) for industrial promotion promotion through improvement of LP gas supply system

       〈2020 2nd SME/SDG business support project "Data"-Proposal investigation (SME support type-)"

   3. About the formation of the "2nd Sri Lanka Field Survey Team" in the fields of environment and energy

   Please contact the JSGA secretariat for details. (Including "preliminary survey *1")

However, specific action schedules, etc. are based on the result of the safety information on the entry restrictions for travelers and Japanese from Japan based on the new coronavirus infectious disease risk information, and the restrictions on the activities after entering Japan.

                   Refer to: Ministry of Foreign Affairs Overseas Safety Homepage [Sri Lanka]

   4. Others Please contact the secretariat with your opinions and suggestions.