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【Enrollment Guidance】

We look forward to your "enrollment" in support of JSGA's "Purpose and Business" activities.

1. Purpose of membership

   To create a prosperous and vibrant future aiming for Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) as part of international contribution. About technology, products, maintenance, security, sales, etc. that each company is good at solving problems in developing countries.  A group of people who build a joint venture (company county), formulate "proposals / plans", and work in collaboration *.

* It is expected that "only if there is a synergistic effect!" → "1 + 1 = 2 + α" in collaboration.

It is necessary to consider + α not only for "direct results" but also for "awareness change" and "organizational change".


  1) In the "JICA grassroots technical cooperation project (grassroots cooperation support type)", with related organizations in the suburbs of Sri Lanka

On the premise of collaboration, it is expected to be a project that helps improve the lives and livelihoods of local residents.

  2) In the "JICA SME / SDGs Business Support Project", overseas companies with technology and know-how expectations for the development of the "South Asian Association for Regional Cooperation (SAARC)" of eight member countries including Sri Lanka.

  3) Technologies and know-how that help achieve the SDGs may lead to great business opportunities.  Would you like to find out if there are any SDGs goals related to your company?

  4) We would appreciate it if you could speak to people who are interested in all fields of Sri Lanka.



2. Admission fee and membership fee Admission fee

          Regular member Individual 10,000 yen

          Supporting members, individuals, 10,000 yen,    groups, 30,000 yen


    Annual membership fee,

         Regular member, individual 10,000 yen

         Supporting members, individuals, 30,000 yen,     groups, 30,000 yen

NPO Japan-Sri Lanka Gas Association

        Secretariat Isao Araki

7-605 KuzugayaTsuzuki-ku, Yokohama Kanagawa JAPAN   zip code224-0062

TEL 045-942-3012  FAX 045-942-3012

We accept questions via e-mail.


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