【Information of Sri Lanka】

   1. The Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) signed an exchange letter concerning an ODA loan (30 billion yen for the first term) for the first urban railway development in Sri Lanka in March 2019 as economic cooperation.

   Background: Prime Minister Abe, on the occasion of the 70th anniversary of Sri Lanka's independence, will fully support the development of Sri Lanka on March 14, 2018 through transportation infrastructure development support and "quality infrastructure" development in areas such as energy. He was also informed that he would provide support rooted in Sri Lanka's national life. In response, President Sirisena expressed his appreciation for Japan's support.

   Foreign Minister Marapana thanked Foreign Minister Kono for visiting Sri Lanka for the first time in 15 years and for Japan's support so far.                     March 14, 2018


   2. Regarding the recent economy, since the long-term conflict of 26 years ended in May 2009, security has been stable and has maintained steady economic growth. However, in April 2019, there was a series of terrorist bombings that killed more than 250 people, and recently it is on the decline due to negative factors such as political turmoil.


   3. In the presidential election in November 2019, Gotabaya Rajabaksa became the new president and the administration was replaced.

   Diplomacy: Basically, it is non-confederation-neutral, recognizing the importance of balanced diplomacy, and placing particular importance on strengthening relations with India.
As a priority issue for the new administration, “rebuilding security” after the terrorist attack, and taking into account its geographical importance, “emphasizing the potential for further economic growth in light of access to the Indian market”.

   4. The amount of trade between Japan and Sri Lanka is approximately 168.3 billion yen (2018). Japan is an important trading partner.

   Export: Japan ⇨ Sri Lanka About 138.1 billion yen (2018) Automobiles, general machinery, electrical equipment, etc.

   Import: Sri Lanka ⇨ Japan ¥30.2 billion (2018) Black tea, clothes, seafood, etc.

Employees: Source: February 2020 Ministry of Foreign Affairs

   5. Increasing trend in LP gas consumption due to an increase in business people and tourists

   Given that Sri Lanka's annual LPG import volume is expected to grow by about 20% every year, the state-owned company Litro Gas Lanka Limited *1 under the Ministry of Public Enterprises will expand LPG bases and It has a strong interest in strengthening and improving the distribution network through the new construction and bulk supply system.

   *1 The top share of LP gas handling volume in Sri Lanka is 73%, and we are aggressively investing in the LP gas market and LP gas related infrastructure in line with the intention of the Sri Lankan government. As a private company, Laugfs Holdings Limited handles LP gas.