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【Name】 Non-profit organization Japan-Sri Lanka Gas Association

            Japan-Sri Lanka Gas Association (abbr. JSGA)

【Corporate establishment date】  June 13, 2017

【Company corporation number】  0200 05 013175

【Office】   7-605 Kuzugaya Tsuzuki-ku, Yokohama  Kanagawa JAPAN   zip code 224-0062

TEL 045-942-3012    FAX 045-942-3012

【Purpose and Business】

This corporation is safe by providing information to the people of Japan and Sri Lanka based on the academic and technical exchanges of the gas industry and related fields, as well as a wide range of activities aimed at popularizing and expanding the gas industry. ・ The purpose is to contribute to the construction of a safe society and the promotion of international cooperation activities.


JSGA will carry out the following activities and businesses related to specified non-profit activities in order to achieve its purpose.

・ Activities 1. International cooperation activities

2. Activities for contact, advice or assistance regarding the operation or activities of organizations that carry out the above activities


・ Business 1. Business to collect and provide information on the gas industry between Japan and Sri Lanka

2. Technology provision business related to the Japanese gas industry for Sri Lanka

3. Other businesses necessary to achieve the purpose of this corporation

【Organization list

Honorary adviser : Taro Aso

Officer (2021.4.1-2022.3.31)

Chairman :

     Hirohisa Miyazaki.           Kyushu LP, Inc. Chairman of the Board

Executive Vice President :

     Hideaki Koyama             Chairman of ELP Industry Co., Ltd.
     Hiroshi Goto                  President & Representative Director,of Oil and Gas Corporation

Managing Executive Director :

     Isao Araki                      Former  Japan LP Gas Plant Association

                                         Former  Kawasaki Heavy Industries, Ltd.

Director :
     Hiroyuki Nakamura          Chairman of Kikuchi Oil Co., Ltd.

     Masataka Yoshikawa        President and CEO of Cosmo Giken Co., Ltd.

     Hiromi Miyairi                  President and Representative Director, Tokyo Miyairi Shoji Co., Ltd.

     Norio Kosaka                  Representative Director and President, MELCO

     Taiji Ohta                       Representative Director of Taisei Trading Co., Ltd.

     Katsuya Furuta               Representative Director of  Shoei Kiko Co., Ltd.

     Yuko Habuto                  Sri Lanka Coordination Consultant


President of Sri Lanka :

     Sisil Panditha                 Ora Corporation Lanka Ltd. Representative Director

【Business operation organization system】

1. The business management organizational structure consists of three meetings: the general meeting of employees, the board of directors, and the general affairs meeting.

The Business Activity Promotion Association, which builds a project team, appoints a person in charge of the response window between Japan and Sri Lanka under the control of the project manager, and after arranging the division of roles, carries out international cooperation activities.


2. Each director of the CEO visits Sri Lanka and the following domestic organizations * as necessary to provide information on developing countries.

Development issues such as efforts to collect, expected development effects, outline of proposed products / technologies, and envisioned ODA projects

 Conduct a survey to collect information on plans and business development plans.

Also, if necessary, be involved from the planning document creation stage in collaboration with the proposing corporation "Oversight of overseas business development"

Perform the support request procedure with the "consultant".

* JICA (Japan International Cooperation Agency) & JETRO (Japan External Trade Organization), etc. 

【Membership】 As of 2021.4.1

     13 regular members        3supporting members

【Management fund】

Usually by membership fee (admission fee / annual membership fee) by members (regular members and supporting members) and special donations from members

It is used for project costs and management costs. In addition, in the case of the following support funds, etc., it is necessary to formulate a plan, etc., apply for it, and then adopt it.

  ・JICA grassroots technical cooperation project (grassroots cooperation support fund) and              overseas expansion support project for small and medium-sized enterprises (support fund)

  ・Ministry of Foreign Affairs International Cooperation Project (NGO Project Subsidy)

  ・Public offices and ministries (subsidies)

  ・Grant Foundation (Grant)

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