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1. Business report <2020>

   It was a year when the world was struggling with the whirlwind of new coronavirus infections, and infectious diseases and spread prevention measures were taken overseas. Movement was restricted, and as a result, the promotion of international cooperation activities of our association was braked, and the activities of the business plan became.  It was very disappointing that it could not be executed at all.

  However, during this time, all members have a common understanding that they must make efforts to move forward even one step.  What I was able to have was one of the achievements.

Next, an example of the activity content is shown.

  1) Formulation and recognition of JSGA "6 steps of management strategy to become an organization that produces social results"

Reference: Business seminar for NPO corporations Lecturer Keita Yamamoto

  2) Formulation and recognition of "a collection of knowledge on sustainable (SDGs) systems" as we celebrate the 4th anniversary of JSGA's founding.


2. Business plan <2021>

  The specific action schedule in Japan and Sri Lanka is based on the new coronavirus infectious disease danger information.  Refer to the safety information on immigration restrictions for travelers and Japanese from Japan and behavioral restrictions after entry to do.

                                 Reference: Ministry of Foreign Affairs Overseas Safety Homepage [Sri Lanka]

  There is concern that the "preliminary survey *" associated with the following 1) to 3) will have to be postponed.

                   * Documents to be submitted at the time of application,                                       

                   "qualification examination documents", "business proposal", and "planning document"

                   Preliminary survey including various terms and conditions to obtain the agreement between

                   the two countries, which is the basis for drafting the plan.

     ・Division of roles played by counterparts in this project

     ・Background and necessity of this project (situation of people in the target area,

         problems that people have, etc.)

     ・Consent of the destination, adjustment of the action schedule, etc ...


  1) Name of the proposing organization (applicant): JSGA

     ・Inspection and training business for Japanese companies for managers and

        managers involved in the gas industry (planned *). <Apply for the 2nd Grassroots Technical            Cooperation Project (Grassroots Cooperation Support Type) in 2021>

     ・Business planning for establishing an antenna shop (facility, equipment, equipment,                        equipment, parts, materials).   <Apply for the same as above>


  2) Proposed corporation name (applicant): Joint venture (private company)

       Project implementation survey support project (planned *) related to industrial promotion               promotion through improvement of LP gas supply system

       <2021 2nd SME / SDGs business support business

      Apply for a project-making survey (small and medium-sized enterprise support type)

      NPO (JSGA) staff support as a sub-consultant (external human resources)


  3) About the formation of the "2nd Sri Lanka fact-finding inspection team" related to the                      environment and energy fields

      Please contact the JSGA secretariat for details. (* Including "preliminary survey *")

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